An update from Ann Baker

Sunday, November 4th, 2018

Another amusing update from Ann about her cats (and lizard and humans)

It’s a while since I shared the kitties’ adventures…

Throughout the warm Summer Lottie had a great time exploring the area, every road on our estate knows her, and every open back door was entered with her nosing around and getting the feel of the home. Thankfully she came home each evening; I would have felt very hurt if she didn’t. She has a wanderlust and demands to be let out each morning We have developed a sneaky trap to keep her in when she ventures home. If she sees us she gives us the run around and puts that bushy tail into the air and runs away, so her Daddy, Fred, cut one of my coasters in two, and we lodge it in the cat flap so she can enter but not leave. Sneaky I know, but at least I am more comfortable knowing she can find safety when I am not around.

Our Granddaughter is now walking, or should I say running, around and both the little ladies take a look and move to safer ground where the tails are safe. I think she has plans for Lottie’s tail, Minion’s one is a bit lacking in size and width, but even that one is kept clear of little hands. Catherine is not afraid of them at all, but I would not like to risk a paw or claw being used to defend so the distance is a great idea on behalf of the kitties.

(We endorse and emphasise the vital importance of careful supervision of children with animals.—ED.)

Minion is still a stay at home girl; she has stopped going up the wall and is very content to sit out and enjoy watching me work in the garden. At the moment both ladies are fascinated by the new bulbs being planted. Fred planted a load in the beds last week, the two ladies watched and the moment his back was turned they dug them up and played a type of snooker with them… I thought it was funny, but Daddy was annoyed and had to bury them again.  They both found nice shady areas  to cool down before they planned their next moves. Lottie was very naughty and brought in a lot of poor deceased birds. Much as I like a gift, I was not very pleased with this form, I have a bird cemetery now in the flower bed covered with rocks; they only tried to dig up the poor souls so I had to make sure there were tomb stones over each little grave.

As usual, my stairs were used as back scratchers for the resident ladies, I spent most of my time cleaning them, the next day it would be covered with hair again!! The beds are the favourite place these evenings, nice and warm and I have to be careful as Lottie is very fond of my patchwork quilt and is known to tunnel in under it and was nearly sat on a few times as she seems to be able to flatten herself out. Only we know she can be there I think she might be permanently flattened otherwise.  She was amazed at Blondie, the lizard last week as she was shedding her skin, there was a perfect lizard shape left and she was wondering where the other one had come from. She still watches the little wind dance and nearly managed to make an entry into the tank; the sliding door was open a bit and I caught her slipping her paw in to try to open it more. I hate to think what she would have done if she had managed it but maybe Blondie would be cute enough to hide behind the stones or something. They still have staring competitions with Blondie nearly always winning when she sticks her tongue out at her… the odd time she turns away as if bored with it all and shows her tail to Lottie which seems to amuse her.

Take care, and love to all the little kitties in your care, Ann