Meet Cookie!

Friday, November 23rd, 2018

I’m Cookie, I love people and love to play and climb and explore. I’m only 15 weeks old but I’m big enough to go to a new home. One of my eyes doesn’t work properly but that doesn’t stop me! I was found at a petrol station by a very kind man who saved my life when I was scared and nearly got run over. Unfortunately my family has not been found as nobody knows where I came from despite being up on Facebook everywhere.

I am looking for an indoor home as I cannot see out of my right eye and I would be in danger again outside. I have started my vaccinations and I’m in great form. I have a foster pal here, a small dog whom I get on with to play gentle chasing around the house.

Please call 01 6683529 & leave a message for Cookie.

Ref: SD