Meet Fabulous Phoebe! (Homed!)

Tuesday, November 27th, 2018

Fabulous Phoebe is an amazing little female cat who was very afraid of people when she first came to Cat’s Aid, poor Phoebe would hide in her carrier every time anyone would even walk past her.

She has come from cringing in her carrier to lounging on laps. She has made amazing progress and is now a perfect little lap cat and can’t seem to get enough cuddles, she will sit on laps, climb on shoulders, drape herself across your arms as you try to type on your laptop. Her goal in life seems to be to get as many cuddles as possible.

She may always be a nervous cat and will still hide from strangers so she would be suited to a quiet home with no kids or dogs and with people who have experience with special cats like her.

At around a year old she is still quite a tiny cat, when she is not cuddling she loves to run around with her toy mouse in her mouth and chase after her laser toy.

Please get in touch on 01 6683529 if you feel that you can offer Phoebe a good home.