Success for Noodles

Sunday, November 4th, 2018

Noodles was born to a beautiful all black cat who had been living outside, heavily pregnant, just before the big snow last March. The kind woman who found her got her to Cats’ Aid.

As Noodles was the only tabby in the litter of five beautiful kittens he stood out a mile. He was always a little character; he was the last of the litter to get a forever home but as he loved his mammy that suited him down to the ground. He and all his siblings were a dream litter to look after and they all matured into lovely placid kittens that adored all human interaction. The entire litter were very sociable, helped without a doubt by my neighbours and their small children who used to drop by to play with them regularly.

We were absolutely delighted that he landed on his four paws in a super home with Suzie and Fiadh and their cat, Funny.

Fiadh, (aged 8,) takes up the story.

My kitten is called Noodles and he is almost 8 months old.   He is a tabby.  In June we got him from a lady called Sue from Cats’ Aid.   He likes to play a lot and is a bit crazy.    He always steals my Lego pieces and takes my dolls’ clothes.  Sometimes he tries to help me do my homework.   He is best friends with our other cat Funny who is 8 years old and a Lilac Point Siamese, who is also a rescue cat.

In October I took Noodles to the SABCCI and GCCFI cat show in Knocklyon.   He hissed a lot at the judges because he was a little scared but still managed to win lots of prizes – 8 rosettes in all!  At the show I was able to see lots of different breeds of cats and buy some cat toys for Noodles and Funny.    Noodles was very tired when I brought him home but he was happy to have a big sleep with Funny.

I hope Noodles will live a long and happy life with me because he makes me smile every day!