Tortie Cat Found Straying in Marino, Fairview.

Tuesday, December 18th, 2018


For the last few weeks a tortie female cat has been following me and being very vocal and affectionate with me. She has been trying to get into my apartment and this evening I let her as she seems very distressed when I tried to walk away, running after me and mewling. I don’t know if she is lost but I think she might be.

I thought she was a feral because she has a notch in her ear indicating she has been caught and spayed. It seems  recent as the scab is only nearly coming off now. She is a bit dirty and has fleas but doesn’t seem malnourished although that might be because there are quite a few feral cats in the area and some of the locals leave out food for them.  She is rather nervous about noises but very clingy and affectionate towards me which is why I wonder if she might be someone’s pet that was accidentally caught and spayed? She has been wandering around Clontarf, Marino, Fairview area.
My number is 089 496 8145.