Meet Bono! (Paired with Sooty) (Booked)

Monday, January 21st, 2019

Bono is two year old male cat. He is a gorgeous looking tabby and is semi long haired. Bono is neutered, vaccinated and wormed.

Bono likes chasing Sooty (who also up for adoption) and the other cats in his foster household, he particularly likes to cuddle up to the eldest cat in his home and follows her everywhere she goes. He likes being petted and picked up but usually on his terms. He does come over to sit on his foster mammys lap but usually when one of the other cats comes over first and will then squeeze himself in between the other cats.

Bono doesn’t like loud noises and can be shy and a bit worried with new people but he loves his foster mammy. Also Bono lives with other cats and one nice quiet dog and they all get along fine.

We feel that Bono will thrive with the right owner and blossom into a very lovable cat.

We are looking for a strictly indoor only home for Bono.

If you feel you can offer Bono a home please get in touch today on the hotline, please leave a message and when we ring you back we will try to set up a virtual home check where possible.

Sooty and Bono together in their foster home