Meet Missy! (HOMED)

Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

This beautiful girl is Missy and she was living rough for a couple of years at a supermarket and hotel car park. She was  having litter after litter of kittens. We managed to rescue most of them and others were adopted by members of the public. She was very elusive and would not allow herself to be caught. We eventually got her after her regular feeder managed to get her relaxed enough to trust her. She has now been spayed and is loving life indoors and has gained confidence with her foster mammy and enjoys being petted and even jumps up for pets. She has been spayed and will be vaccinated shortly.

Her ideal home would be an adult only one and no dogs as she would have been chased by them when living outdoors and is scared of them now. It would be best if she is an indoor only cat for her safety.  She may need a little time to settle in and get to know you but that is typical of most cats and with a loving family she will blossom.

If you think you could give Missy a forever home please call us on 016683529 and leave your details on the voicemail and we will get back to you. Ref: SD