Meet Amy! (Booked!)

Thursday, April 18th, 2019

Amy is only six months old, she is lucky to be alive after an appalling start in life. She was found hungry and alone living outside during January. Some kind women sorted her out with a shelter and food for a bit but she went down hill so they got her to Cats Aid who immediately brought her to the vets. She was diagnosed with Cat Flu and malnutrition. She was really in a bad way and everyone was praying she would pull through.

But pull through she did and now she is so exuberant, happy and playful. She absolutely loves life, food and cuddles and is basically making up for lost time.

She can still be a bit nasally but it doesn’t bother her or hold her back one bit. Her chest was x-rayed recently but it was found to be clear so we are hoping her tiny sinuses will clear up as she grows.

Amy is fully vaccinated and neutered.

We are looking for a nice quiet adult home for Amy who may be a bit shy at first so if you feel you can offer this to little Amy please get in touch.