Meet Charles & Carl! (Homed)

Tuesday, April 16th, 2019

Hello, we are two boys named Charles and Carl. We are approximately one year old and we are hoping to find a loving home with no other feline friends or small humans. We would love to stay together as we are very close to each other being siblings. We were found in a back garden and rescued so we are a bit on the shy side..We are both neutered and vaccinated and our bags are all packed!

A word from Charles……

My name is Charles and I am all very good looking all black kitty. I can jump twice as high and run twice as fast as my brother! I am shy but just need someone patient to give me sometime and some affection. I LOVE  chicken treats, jumping, exploring every corner of my home and above all I love my brother very much.

A word from Carl…..

Hello, I am Carl and I am black and white fabulous looking kitty. I might not jump as high as my brother but as you can see I am very very good looking. I like humans and I am very brave but still would like a family that is understanding and patient with me. I accompany my brother on all adventures and I am very curious about..well everything. The best part of my day is when my foster mom comes home from work and calls us to give us chicken treats. Watch the video below..also here are some more pictures of me mostly.. looking handsome:

Please call our adoption line  and leave your details and we will get back to you asap.

Our new number is 01 2751665