Urgent New Home Appeal For Nyx!

Saturday, April 13th, 2019

Nyx is looking for an immediate new home. He is an 8 year old deaf cat (he is a rescue so his exact age is unknown). He is indoor only where he lives now and enjoys having lots of his own space to sleep and chill about. He is low maintenance as he doesn’t like to be touched too much and affectionate when he wants cuddles, he will happily sleep most of the day and enjoy curling up on a lap in the evening.
He gets on with other cats. He would not be suitable for a home with children as he can get quite anxious and can bite when there is a lot going on or if he is touched much when he doesn’t want to be. He could possibly be able to go outdoors depending on the area.
He is neutered and has recently been to the vet to have all of his vaccinations. He is not vaccinated for leukemia as he has been indoor for the past number of years. He is a large cat and likes his food. He is about 5 – 5.5 kilos.
He needs owners who would have lots of patience with him while he is settling in and someone who will take the time to work around his anxiety and the fact that he’s deaf. He needs a new home now as he has just been re-homed privately but the new owners have a dog who doesn’t get on with Nyx.
Please contact us on 086 15333 41


DISCLAIMER: Cats Aid does not accept any responsibility for this cat.