*Special Appeal* Retirement Home for Zac (**BOOKED**)

Monday, June 24th, 2019

Zac is a super sweet, gentle, elderly cat (aged approx 16 years). He is looking for his retirement home which ideally should be nice and quiet and indoors only.

He has been fostered for the past year, and his foster mammy says that he has acquired quite a taste for cat nip since joining her household, along with head rubs, snoozing on his favorite furry blanket and last but not least….mealtimes, as he just loves his grub. He is quite happy with other kitties but tends to spend a lot of his time napping, trying to herd his foster family towards the cat food press for extra treats, or watching the birds in the back garden – so a home with windows and bird watching spots is important! 

Given his age, Zac has some arthritis in his hips so doesn’t enjoy pets on his back but is very mobile and in good health.

Zac came to Cats’ Aid with a sensitive tummy but as long as he stays on special sensitivity wet food sachets (easily available through zooplus) and Royal Canin dry food, he is great shape! Food costs work out at about 20 euro a week.

If you feel that you are the right person for Zac to see him through his retirement and you are able to commit to his needs and gain all the rewards of his affection and appreciation….please get in touch with Cats Aid today. The number is 01 2751665, please leave a message and someone will ring you back.