Meet Izzy & Ivy! Homed

Saturday, November 30th, 2019

We have had an unprecedented number of inquiries for these kittens and we are not taking any more inquiries for them. If you are willing to consider another kitten or cat please get in touch again, either by email or phone 01 275 1665.

This super sweet female duo are all of 8 weeks old and are now set for their new forever home. Both cuties are very friendly and love to play games. Their foster mammy says that they are also both little purr machines and are very entertaining with their cuteness.

Their poor mammy (Isabelle) came into Cats Aid care after being found abandoned, hungry and pregnant in north Co Dublin. Thankfully she got to have her two babies in foster care a day or two after being rescued.

If you can offer either Izzy or Ivy (or both together) a good home please get in touch today. You may have to join an orderly queue!

That is Ivy above!
That is Izzy above!