Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

Trap, Neuter, Return is central to Cats’ Aid’s work. We are often asked to help with colonies of feral cats and with strays in peoples’ gardens. The photo above shows just one example.

One of our vets gave our contact details to a girl who needed help with 8 cats. She was willing to pay for neutering, which is very rare—so many people expect rescue groups to pay for everything. Neutering this number of cats costs approx. €600, which is why we appreciate donations. We also appreciate an Ex Gratia payment from the Dept. of Agriculture, Food and the Marine for our TNR programme.

This particular case involved 12 visits with traps, (early morning and late evening) and driving to and from the vets before all the cats were neutered and vet-checked. The cats have been returned to their base. They will be monitored and fed by an elderly lady who is willing to do this in spite of needing lifts to the location.

8 cats now secure –this shows what can be done when people are willing to help.