Meet Autumn! (Booked)

Sunday, December 22nd, 2019

Autumn is 2+ years old. She is a beautiful tortoiseshell, short haired, female cat.Autumn has had a full health check. She has been neutered; and has all vaccinations and is wormed. She is in excellent health.

Autumn likes playing with sisal ball toys and chasing fish on a string. One of her favourites which she takes to bed, is Ollie the owl! She also loves playing with cardboard boxes.

Autumn dislikes a lot of activity going on around her and loud noises.

Her future home would ideally be indoors and where she would have access to a garden after she settles in.

Autumn eats both dry and wet food. She particularly likes the type in jelly.

Autumn is very confident once she is settled. She is independent, likes her own space. She is not comfortable to be handled too much but enjoys a little head and back rub when she is relaxing.  She is playful and curious, likes to follow you around the house and really wants to know what is going on outside! She has a favourite viewing spot in the kitchen window.

Before coming to Catsaid, Autumn had spent her short life locked in a shed, with little or no social interaction. Since arriving at her foster home in November, she has adapted very well and started to enjoy life and is improving her social skills. Given her history Autumn would be ideally suited to an experienced adult only home. 

If you would like to adopt Autumn please contact Cats Aid and ask for one of our volunteers to carry out a virtual home check if possible.