Meet Ms. Joanie & Mr. J.J.

Sunday, January 19th, 2020

We are looking for a special home for this beautiful pair of siblings. Mr.JJ and Ms Joanie. They are six months old and will ideally be homed as a pair. Ms Joanie is black and white with a white tip on her tail and her coat feels like silk and Mr. JJ is tabby in colour with a very pretty face. They can be lifted but are unsure so it will take time to build up their trust.

They are lacking a bit of confidence so we are looking for someone who will give them lots of TLC and time to shine. They were rescued by Cats Aid which was a little stressful for them so they are looking for the right people to help them regain their trust in humans.

They have both been neutered and are really good eaters, in fact, their foster mammy says that they love a slice of ham as a treat. 

If you can give these two little beauties a forever home and let them shine like stars please get in touch today.