Meet Mr J.J.! (Sibling and BFF to Ms Joanie)

Saturday, May 23rd, 2020

J.J. is the brother of Ms Joanie and they are both nine months old. J.J. is a large tabby and white cat.

We are looking to home J.J. with his sister Ms Joanie as they rely on each other 100%. J.J. is lacking a bit of confidence so we are looking for someone who will give them both lots of TLC and time to shine. Mr J.J. and Joanie were rescued by Cats Aid which was a little stressful for them so they are looking for the right person to help them regain their trust in humans.

Mr J.J. is neutered and a really good eater, their foster mammy says that he loves a slice of ham as a treat. 

If you can give this little beauty a forever home and let him shine like a star please get in touch today.

Photos to follow!