Beautiful Chloe needs a new home! (Homed)

Wednesday, July 29th, 2020

Chloe (8yrs/neutered/vaccinated/litterbox trained) is a small middle-aged tabby seeking a forever home because her owner is ill. Chloe has lived in a small bungalow in Cork since she was 18 months old and would routinely go out during the day and sleep indoors at night.

At the moment she is staying temporarily in a small apartment on a busy road in Dublin and therefore cannot roam outside. She is a beautiful, affectionate and inquisitive cat but she misses her independence and requires a home where she can have outdoor access after the initial settling-in period.   She doesn’t have experience sharing a household with other pets or young children and is perhaps past the stage where that transition might be tested.

In her first week indoors in Dublin with two adults she has opened up very quickly. While shy at first she is now exploring high and low and enjoying some playtime in between her many cat naps. It is preferable her new owner(s) have some experience of cats to gauge her mood as she can get a little feisty when playing/getting to know new people.

A home check and adoption fee will apply.

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DISCLAIMER: Cats Aid does not accept any responsibility for this cat.