Meet Lisa!

Saturday, July 4th, 2020

In my previous life I was a young outdoor feral cat desperate for a home during the snowstorm of March 2018. Thankfully I was rescued by Cats Aid and brought in out of the cold and wet weather and fed.

Since then, I’ve been slowly getting used to humans. My foster parents are amazed at how far I’ve come! I like to be near them and I’m happy to sit on their laps and be petted while I’m eating my wet food.

Other cats can make me a little bit nervous so I’m probably best off on my own, at least until I’m fully comfortable in my home. I need a gentle, patient, and understanding family who will know that it’s worth the effort to bring out the loving feline companion inside me!

I am neutered and vaccinated so if you feel you have the right home for me please get in touch today and we will see if it will be possible to set up a virtual home check.