Meet Misty! (Booked)

Tuesday, August 25th, 2020

Meow, my name is Misty and I am ready to find my forever home.
I am a five year old tabby and am very active, gentle and affectionate.
I do like my head rubs, especially in the mornings and before dozing off at night. But what I love most is to play! I do like my toys and happily play with them on my own for a while. But it is so much more fun when my foster mum joins in – I could play for hours! My favourite game at the
moment, is chasing ribbons on a stick. I might just have to bring that one along with me!

I will show you my affection in many different ways. Once settled in, I will want to be close to you all the time, I love nothing more than getting comfy beside you, day and night. However, I am not one to sit on your lap and I also really do not like to be picked up. I will gently let you know when I want and have had enough cuddle time.

I am very intelligent and can bore easily if not challenged, so my foster mum is constantly inventing new games and challenges for me. After playtime every morning and evening, I will find myself a nice spot to doze off for a few hours to relax and rewind. And then I am ready for
the next game!

My main wish is that my new family will have plenty of time to interact and play with me daily, I can get very upset otherwise. I would not be happy being left on my own for a long time during the day. I am very shy with strangers, a home with lots of visitors will not be ideal for me.

Misty is neutered and her vaccinations are up to date. Misty does not get on with other cats. Her perfect new family will give her the playtime she needs. Misty loves the outdoors, her ideal new home will provide secure outdoor access and space and that will give her that extra bit of stimulation she needs.