Meet Shirley! (**Booked**)

Saturday, August 15th, 2020

Shirley is a young cat of 6 months +. She is a beautiful dark grey tabby with lovely white markings, including 4 white feet.

Shirley was found straying and when she arrived to Cats Aid she was also pregnant.  Unfortunately her kittens did not survive.

She has had a full health check. She has been neutered and has had her vaccinations and is wormed.  She is in excellent health.

She is settled into her foster home, where initially she was very shy.  In the time she has been there she has been recovering her strength and is definitely coming out of her shell.

Shirley likes catching fish on a string and playing other games around the house. She dislikes a lot of activity going on around her and loud noises. She is a bit shy when meeting new people.

Shirley loves her food and is quite vocal when you go near her food dish! She eats both dry and wet food.

Shirley can be independent but is happy in the evenings to snuggle up on the sofa and get a head, neck and tummy rub from her foster mummy.  She is not too comfortable yet with being picked up. She will happily find a spot to chill out on her own when she wants to. As she is young she will be adaptable in a new home. Her new owners would need to be a little patient until she gains her confidence in her new surroundings.