Meet Tori The Tabby! (Booked)

Tuesday, November 17th, 2020

Greetings folks my name is Tori, my foster people call me Stripy as I am so stripy!

I came into foster with my 2 siblings a few months ago after being rescued from a bad situation. I was extremly shy at first but now that my brother and sister have gone to their fabulous new homes I have been getting all the attention and TLC I deserve and I am now doing great.

I am a female feline aged almost 6 months old and I have all my vaccines. I mostly eat dry food only which I really love.

In my foster home there is a nice quiet dog whom I am very fond of as she has helped me come out of my shell and learn to trust others. We hang out together actually.

If I am not playing fishing rod type games I am chasing virtual mice on the web, I never seem to catch them though even when I go to the back of the PC looking for them!

My other pastime is sleeping in the residents cats bed while they are out hunting, I pretend that I am just keeping it warm for them, not sure that they believe me!

Anyway I am looking for a forever home. Ideally a nice quiet home with someone who has good cat experience as I will need a bit of time to trust you. Also no small children would be good as I have no experience of them in my short life so far.

If you can offer me my ideal home please get in touch today.