Buddy and Albert

Thursday, December 3rd, 2020


This is Buddy when he was rescued in Oct. He was in a potentially dangerous situation, so Sandra, one of our team, had to move quickly. When she arrived she found that there was another kitten, that she trapped, and their mother also went into the trap. Mom was spayed and returned 3 days later. Buddy was near death when he came in and he was brought to Raheny Vets who warned that he might not make it. They gave him medication. Sandra nursed him for three weeks with antibiotics, decongestants and even a nebuliser.

And here is Buddy now, completely recovered and happy with his brother Billy in his new home. So, a triple win, instead of a single one.

Albert came in to us in Oct. in very poor condition. He had a lice infestation, he was anaemic, had an upset tummy and needed fluids and ongoing medical and dental care. We appealed for funds for Albert’s treatment and many of you responded very generously—thank you.