Hugo’s Story!

Tuesday, January 12th, 2021

Hugo’s Story

My name is Hugo. I am an 8 year old black male cat. I was rescued by Cats’ Aid when they received a call from a kind lady reporting that I was found badly injured in her back garden. When the Cats’ Aid rescuer arrived to fetch me they discovered I had a severely injured back leg. The bone was exposed and was in urgent need of veterinary help. I was rushed to the vets but unfortunately they could not save the leg and it needed to be amputated. As you can imagine, this was a very traumatic experience and I was very frightened because it was a huge operation. Last year I developed bladder stones and now have been put on a special diet of urinary food.

JUNE 2021 UPDATE – After three years in the Cats Aid cattery, I was moved to a foster home in May 2021. For the first couple weeks I was very shy but I’ve come out of my shell a lot since then and I am now eating all my food, spending a lot of time around my foster parents and getting to know the other cats in the home! I am still a little nervous, but very friendly and inquisitive and I am building up my confidence so I can find a forever home. I get on with the other cats very well and am enjoying sitting with them on the cat tree. My foster parents are impressed at how high I can jump with only three legs!

By sponsoring me you will greatly contribute towards the costs of my vet visits and medications. Plus the lovely people at Cats Aid will provide you with a certificate. You can see my latest portrait below! plus a little video of me thoroughly enjoying being petted.

Lots of love Hugo xx