Misty’s Story!

Tuesday, January 12th, 2021

Hello, My name is Misty, perhaps because I disappear when you look at me. I have a vey pretty face with golden eyes and I am white with tabby markings.  I am a six year old female and  did not have a happy life when I was a kitten. I lived in a hoarding situation, where I had to hide all the time. I was almost feral, really.

However thankfully, I was rescued by Cats Aid and fostered.  I had hurt my leg, but it is healed now as Cats Aid brought me to the vets. At first I kept disappearing under beds and sofas and would only come out at night to eat. But now I am not so shy and frightened and I do not mind if my foster mammy looks at me. I am still afraid to let her touch me, but I am thinking about it. She talks to me all the time and now I talk back. I like to sit on a cushion and look out of the window and I even sit on my Mammy’s bed sometimes – but not when she is in it.

I do not really play yet – I did not learn how when I was a kitten. I will not always be so afraid and one day I will be ready to go to a forever home, although not just yet.  

So please consider sponsoring me, it will mean that I can continue to have my vet bills paid and I might even get a nice new bed in my foster home. Thank-you so much.

Misty xx