Penny’s Story!

Tuesday, January 12th, 2021

Hi there, my name is Penny I am a Tortie female and I am very pretty. I am an adult cat who was rescued by Cats Aid in January 2017 as a kitten so I am now four years old.

I am the sister of Justin who I really like. I am a little unsure of people and am not too fond of being handled so my carers at Cats Aid are working on gaining my trust. Cats Aid are working on securing a foster home for me.

I love to play feather duster games and I also love chasing the mop when the cattery is being cleaned.

I am a healthy cat with no real issues. If you could sponsor me it would mean new toys for me to play with. I go through a lot of toys as I enjoy dissecting everything!


Saturday 19th of June 2021

During April 2021 Penny was moved into a foster home as we felt she was ready to move to the next stage in her progress. After 2 months with her foster family she has blossomed. Even though Penny is still shy she does love her cuddles in the morning and evening and likes cuddling in bed with her foster parents.

She is super playful and loves to run around chasing tinfoil balls around the flat (she shows no interest in the toy rat her fosterers got her, a cat of simple pleasures!) and looking out the window looking at birds and neighbourhood cats. She is a big fan of catnip and is quite the huntress, though the only prey around the flat are occasional flies so her fosterers occasionally let her watch bird videos for entertainment.

She loves her treats and demands the attention of her foster mum during the day by jumping up next to her desk or pawing at her chair.

Penny still is unsure of being picked up so we are doing training with her so that she can get use to this.  

Penny has been attending the vet to investigate a slight cough and gulping she has developed and has her follow up appointment this week. We want to make sure nothing serious has developed we will keep you updated.