Abbey’s Story!

Tuesday, January 12th, 2021

Abbey’s Story

Hi my name is Abbey. I am a 6 year old tabby female cat. I was rescued by Cats’ Aid when they received a call that I was wandering around a residential area. The residents were concerned for me as I had no tail, I looked underweight and was looking for food from them. I was very afraid of humans but was so hungry I needed someone to feed me. When the Cats’ Aid rescuer came they discovered that my tail was fine that it was just a bob tail which turned out to be possibly congenital but because no one owned me and I was all alone they took me in.

Last year I took a little turn and was very dizzy, wobbly and could not walk very well. The vet said it could have been a little stroke that I had taken. So with healthcare and time I came around and even though I can be a little wobbly I am feeling much better.

I am now with Cats’ Aid for 5 years and the cattery is my home. I have a safe place to rest and I now like getting brushed and petted and I am nearly ready to try a foster home to get me ready for maybe a chance to get my own forever home.

By sponsoring me this will ensure that should I take another turn all of my veterinary care will be covered.

Abbey xx