Donald’s Story!

Friday, January 15th, 2021

Hi there, my name is Donald and I am the latest cat to join the Cats Aid Cattery. I got my name after being found and rescued by Cats Aid outside a McDonalds restaurant in December 2020. The weather was really awful at the time and I was living rough in a carpark. As there were lots of cars around me I was delighted to be rescued and I am safe and warm ever since.

Cats Aid brought me straight to their vet who checked me over and booked me in to be neutered. They gave me a clean bill of health thankfully. Soon I will be fully vaccinated and wormed again in order to make sure I stay healthy so I can secure a suitable foster home.

It’s early days still but I am not too sure about humans yet. I am quite scared at the moment. On the bright side I am making friends with the other cats who I share the cattery with. I am not too sure about my carer mammy yet either but she does give me good food and has the heat on 24/7 for which I am very grateful for. I also feel blessed and full of hope that my days of living rough are all behind me.

Eventually I would love an indoor/outdoor home with an owner who will look after me and understand that I need to learn to trust all over again.

Also as I am a mature cat if you choose to sponsor me, this money will go towards Cat’s Aid being able to provide me with annual health checks, booster vaccinations, worming and flea treatments.

Please consider me for sponsorship!