Garfield’s Story!

Thursday, January 21st, 2021

My name is Garfield and I’m all of 4 years old. When I came into the Cats Aid I had a severe skin condition which the vet thought may have been as the result of living in a stressful environment. My skin was irritated to the point where it was very uncomfortable, it was hot and moist which resulted in bacterial infections. I would lick my skin constantly to try to ease the irritation which obviously made it much worse. Now I am much better but it has taken two years to get it under control with the help of medication.

Cats Aid pay for all my veterinary needs, my current foster Mam is keeping me long term as she has fallen in love with my super personality plus we are afraid that a move may exacerbate my condition.

If you would like to sponsor me the money would go towards my veterinary bills as I am currently living in a loving foster home.

Me back to myself!
Getting there slowly.