Meet Charlotte! (Homed)

Thursday, February 4th, 2021

A natural beauty and a witty conversationalist, Charlotte is an affectionate, energetic and very social long haired tabby. At only 2 years old, Charlotte has lived a full and exciting life, blessing the world with a gorgeous litter of kittens while living rough in a man’s gardens.

Since being taken in by her foster parents via Cats Aid, Charlotte has made clear that she much prefers the comforts of apartment living and single child (animal) spoils, which include many toys to play with and loads of affection from her humans.

A typical day for Charlotte would include a playful morning, where she happily chases her toys – she is great at entertaining herself but much prefers when her foster parents join in on the fun – followed by some much needed napping in her cat bed. She is usually recharged and ready for another round of playtime in the evening.

Charlotte loves all sorts of affection, but her favorite is when you scratch her around her face and chin. She also does well with being picked up, but you will have to earn that privilege. 

Charlotte has been spayed, vaccinated and wormed, and has been declared in great health by the vet at last visit. She has her bags all packed and ready for her new home!

Here is some more info from her foster mother –

Cat basic info2 years old Female, Tabby, Domestic Long-Haired, 
Been to the vets forA full health check, vaccinations, neutering, worming – Little Charlotte is in great health. Has had a litter of kittens recently. 
Cat LikesCharlotte loves to play with all sorts of toys – She has a bird on an elasticized string that we hang on the door that keeps her entertained for hours. She has various little toys that she loves chasing and leaping high into the air to capture when you throw them for her. Loves napping on soft surfaces. She is very affectionate – loves to get scratches on her head, chin and around the face. Loves being pet. She is also quite a conversationalist – meows, chirps, and purrs during most social interactions with people – especially while being pet. 
Cat DislikesDoesn’t appreciate sudden and surprising movements. Doesn’t like being approached suddenly.  Fire alarms and vacuum cleaners bother her. 
What type of things was the cat exposed to in fosterCharlotte is very comfortable with apartment living – accustomed to hearing dogs barking as well as other kitchen appliances – tolerates them fine. Household consists of a 1 bedroom apartment, 2 adults, no children, or animals. 
Other catsWe are unsure how she tolerates other cats or animals as she has not been exposed in this foster environment.
Type of home neededWell suited for an indoor only home
DietCat likes poultry mix wet food (whiskas), but eats primarily turkey dry food, appreciates poultry-based treats
GroomingCharlotte does not require brushing but definitely enjoys the sensation