Meet Felix! (Booked)

Thursday, February 4th, 2021

Felix is an independent, 8 year old neutered male cat who really enjoys his food. A little too much though so he’s on a diet to help drop the lock-down weight. His interest in food makes for the perfect trick-teaching environment and he has nearly mastered the ‘sit’ command!

Felix is quite a vocal cat and he becomes very chatty while his wet food is being dished out at mealtimes. Felix likes routine, particularly a mid day brushing at his fosterers desk while she is trying to work!

While he does like a good brushing, he also appreciates his space and will move to a different room if he needs alone time.

Before coming to Cats Aid Felix was previously an indoor/outdoor cat and tends to get bored in a completely indoor environment so a home with a safe outdoor environment is preferable.

Felix has spondylosis (bone spurs) in his mid spine and takes daily inflammation and pain relief to keep him happy and jumping!

If you are interested in offering Felix a good home please get in touch today.