Meet Myles & Penny! (Homed)

Wednesday, March 10th, 2021

Myles and Penny are two gorgeous kittens aged around five months. They are fully vaccinated, spayed/neutered and ready to go! Their foster family describe them as the friendliest kittens they have had. This pair don’t mind being picked up and will sit on your lap and play with you for hours! They came to Cats Aid together and we are looking to home them as a pair.

Currently they have sensitive stomachs and are on Royal Canin Sensitivity food which can cost around 30-40Eur per month.

Myles is grey and white and can come across as being a bit anxious. He is very dependent on humans and needs attention. His favourite thing in the world is getting attention from his foster parents, sitting on their lap and snoozing for hours. He is very very affectionate and will give all the kisses and cuddles you could ever want from a kitten. Myles likes to play with Penny and will spend a good time trying to figure out various cat puzzle games.

Penny is the lovely tortie. Fun, easy-going, carefree, playful, little miss independent. She will happily go off and entertain herself, will play with toys for hours and periodically come for cuddles and nap in your lap.

The two are perfect for a family where someone will be home most of the time. Myles needs a bit more attention than Penny and a home that is understanding about his attachment to humans.

If you are interested in giving this lively, cuddly pair a home please contact Cats Aid for more information or to request a virtual home check.