Meet Dobby! (Homed)

Tuesday, May 11th, 2021

My name is Dobby and I’m a charming little gran with a big heart and winning personality. The vet says I’m about 10 years old and have a lot of love and affection left to give. I enjoy spending my days gazing through the window or snoozing in my favorite spot on the couch. I also love to sunbathe and you’ll find me snoozing wherever those sunbeams are warmest.

I’m a little shy at first even though I appear very comfortable so it’s best to take it slow when getting to know me. I will quickly warm up to you and show you my preferences, which include gentle petting, scratches on my head and lounging in very close proximity to you.

Some signs that I am enjoying myself include purring, vibrating the base of my tail, and rubbing my face against your hand. When I have become comfortable with my home, I will seek you out to spend time with you, which I might need some help with if your beds or couches are far from the ground. This also applies to window sills for me to perch on.

My mobility is limited when it comes to reaching higher surfaces so pet steps or a ramp to assist me are important to my quality of life as I don’t enjoy being picked up. My balance is also not great and you may catch me stumbling from time to time, especially on uneven surfaces like duvets or blankets. You should also know that I like to watch what I eat because my tummy is a little sensitive so please read the preferences my foster mam provides below. 

If you are keen to adopt me please make contact today with Cats Aid and we will endeavor to do a home-check via Whats App.

Basic infoFemale 10+ years old, jet black short hair with a sneaky white patch on her belly.
Vets visitsNeutering plus full health check, few teeth removed. they mentioned a possible liver issue, but it wasn’t bothering her + it would need more investigation. She also has some issue with her back/back legs, it causes her to stumble and tumble from time to time – but vet couldn’t see an obvious cause.
Dobby likesBeing brushed on her terms, playing with feathers and sleeping.
Dobby dislikesBeing picked up front on, over stimulation.
What was the cat exposed to in fosterOther cats through glass, a toddler, 24/7 work schedules as Dobby and I share my office
Met other cats?Through glass she met some neighbor cats but not keen.
Indoor or outdoorIndoor only please
DietDobby has some tummy issues, currently on wet whiskas gravy pouches + dry royal canin indoor 7+; fed 1 pouch + 40g dry, split morning and evening
GroomingShe enjoys a brushing and sheds quite a bit – but again on her own terms.
Personality descriptionShes a confident kitty – no fear, rarely shy’s away. Doesn’t meow often, when she does she wants something.
Info on how the cat came to cats aidDobby was picked up from May park with an injury on her head, she was in a bad way. Original plan was to let her recoup and release her but she’s just not suited to outdoor living.