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Monday, June 7th, 2021

We got a call about Katrina who had recently given birth to three gorgeous kittens in a garden shed. Unfortunately she had sustained a serious injury; probably hit by a car. In spite of this trauma she thankfully made her way back to her kittens and they were all rescued.

Cat’s Aid rushed Katrina to the vets for care and assessment and the diagnosis was that her pelvis is broken and she needs specialist surgery to repair it. Cost estimated at 1500 euros. See x-ray below.

Katrina is a young, healthy, sweet-natured cat and a great mom and we feel that she deserves every chance to live a normal life.

We appeal to your generosity to enable us to help Katrina.

Due to the current kitten season, there are many other cats like Katrina in our care needing help. Our TNR (Trap, Neuter & Return) program takes place all year round but it is especially busy right now. Every day Cat’s Aid are responding to phone calls about mammy cats and their babies in back gardens needing help. Some are in a bad way needing urgent medical intervention which can involve expensive vet bills (see below) once they are rescued and assessed.

Some average costs:

Antibiotics                               5 – 30 euros

Worming/Flea treatments      10 – 15 euros

Vaccinating                             35 – 50 euros per shot

Neutering                                45 – 60 euros  

Scans                                       175-200 euros

Dental Surgery                      150 -260 euros

Many of the cats rescued are friendly and home-able once they have recovered from their ordeal.

Due to the pandemic, we have been unable to have our annual fair this year for the second time running so we are appealing for your help with donations.

There are a few ways to help us help the cats as follows –

Making a general donation for any amount via PP or EFT here –

Purchase a fun cat horoscope for only 10 euros

Purchase a gift cat sponsor cert for just 30 euros

Purchase a gift sponsor cat pack for 45 euros

A big thank-you from all at Cats Aid xx