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Saturday, June 26th, 2021

Cats Aid are always on the look-out for new fosterers. If you think that this is something you would like to get involved in (even short-term using a spare bedroom) please send us an inquiry to and we can then have a chat with you about this very rewarding aspect of our work and what it involves.

So if you live in Dublin or the out-skirts and decide that you would like to go ahead please note that this may involve a quick home-check via Whats App. If you are renting you will need a letter from your land-lord.

The following will be the kind of questions we will ask you if you email us enquiring about fostering for Cats Aid –

  • Are you a homeowner or are you currently renting?
  • Is someone at home normally during the day?
  • What other animals do you currently have?
  • What experience do you have with animals in general?
  • Have you any children? If yes what are their ages?
  • How many people are in your household?
  • Are you ok with using a crate/do you have the room for one?
  • Do you drive? How would you get the cat to a vet appointment?
  • Would you be able to transport cats for us between fosterers?
  • Could you do short term holiday cover for us?

We currently have a super team of fosterers from all walks of life who do great work. Below are some of their very recent comments …….

I love fostering for Cats Aid as when a newbie arrives at my house for fostering on day one they may be very young & scared, unwell or just needing TLC. The transformation I have witnessed over a period of time to when these cats go to their new homes can be hugely rewarding and heart-warming. I highly recommend it’.


‘Fostering gives me purpose that I can make a difference’

I love fostering for Cats Aid as every cat that comes through my home enriches my life, and I know I’ve done something to enrich theirs’


‘I love fostering for Cats Aid as it’s so rewarding. Watching our cats grow in confidence and gain homes who help them thrive is one of the most rewarding things I have ever been part of’


In the four years that I have fostered for Cats Aid, I have come to love this group as my friends and support system. Not only do they give the best care possible to every cat they take in but are also very thoughtful, mindful about every foster family and their needs as well


‘I love fostering for Cats Aid because it is so rewarding to see a cat who perhaps has been neglected or abandoned, coming around to its true loving nature and ultimately finding a forever home’


We look at our‘resident’ cats, who were all fostered by Cats’ Aid, and are so grateful that someone had opened up their home (or spare room!) to care for them until they found their way to us. Fostering for us means helping create more forever homes for cats


‘I love fostering for Cats’ Aid because it’s so satisfying seeing scared cats and kittens respond to my care and head off confidently to their forever homes’


I’m delighted to be fostering cats for Cats Aid. I love cats but as I travel a lot I can’t really own one. Cats Aid allows me to have a furry friend on a temporary basis. I help a friend gain confidence and the cat gives me companionship. Cats Aid is also a lovely group of dedicated, kind people who all help one another with advice and practical assistance


‘I love fostering for cats aid because it is so fulfilling and a joy to be able to help all the vulnerable cats and kittens’


I enjoy fostering for Cats Aid because it’s fun to get to know all the different cats and their personalities. It’s great to see the positive results of your care and attention as they get ready for their new home’


‘I love fostering for cat’s aid because it is so fulfilling and a joy to be able to help all the vulnerable cats and kittens’

I love to foster for Cats Aid because of the rewards I get to see an unwanted cat become socialized and develop a super sweet personality already for their forever home’


Fostering especially during Covid has been so great for me as I’m not working at the moment and knowing there is a little kitten waiting to be fed and watered helps me get up in the morning. I love doing what I do and hope I will be able to continue as long as possible


We look forward to hearing from you! The Cats Aid Team