Meet Boots!

Tuesday, July 13th, 2021

This gorgeous fellow is Boots, he is approximately five years old. He was always seen wandering around a neighborhood crying and looking for food. Earlier this year he got injured and was rescued and taken in by Cat’s Aid. They brought him to the vets where he was treated for his wounds, vaccinated him and got him neutered. He was then placed in a loving foster home where he was given all the time he needed to heal, get used to his new life and the good news is that he has come around amazingly well!

Once a stray, Boots is now well used to home life. He might look intimidating but is a little softie who purrs away and has learnt to trust humans. He follows his foster parents around and would love nothing more than to sleep next to them all day. He loves food and chicken is the way to his heart.

Boots is best suited to an adult-only home with no other pets, as an indoor cat. He can be very anxious in a new environment and will need someone who has experience with stray cats.  He has never been to another home (besides his foster home) so will need a lot of patience from his new family so he can learn to trust them.

Please email Cats Aid for more information as a home check will be necessary via Whatsapp.