Meet Nicco! (Booked)

Thursday, October 14th, 2021

Nicco was born during June 2021. He is a distinguished boy with white Tuxedo markings on his chest and white boots on his hind legs. He loves nothing more than tummy rubs and food – lots of it and frequently!  He loves playing with his toys and chasing balls. Nicco also loves climbing, looking out the window at the birds and using his scratching  poles. 

Nicco enjoys eating dried and wet sachet food and also loves to play with his drinking water.  He is used to having dried food being available all the time and water to drink. He also enjoys all sorts of treats and comes running as soon as he hears the packet rustling.  Nicco has been kept indoors in the fosterer’s house and is totally litter trained. To date he has had no experience of meeting other cats or dogs or children. 

Nicco is a confident and happy little boy but he does not like sudden movements or loud noises. He  can be  a little shy with new people but gets over that quickly. Nicco loves attention and just  wants someone to play with and cuddle up with. 

Nicco has been health checked, wormed, vaccinated and recently neutered.

Nicco would be best suited to an adult home or one with older children (6 years +) . If you feel that you can offer this gorgeous little fella a loving home please get in touch with Cats Aid today.

Enjoy the clip below of Nicco playing in his foster home.