Meet Fab Fia! (Booked)

Monday, November 15th, 2021

Fabulous Fia came into the care of Cats’ Aid after giving birth to several kittens, who have now all been rehomed. Fia was living outside and wasn’t used to any human company. In her foster home she lives with two other cats and they all get along well. She is a very gentle, young and playful cat of approximately 2 years old. 

Fia would love to join a quiet household with some social cats she could make friends with. Fia’s favourite past-times include stalking the feather-on-a-stick, playing chase with her foster cat brothers, watching bird videos on YouTube and snoozing in her favourite box or the bedroom during the day.  

Fia is in great health and isn’t ‘treat’ motivated, so no need to add a pack of Dreamies to your shopping list, but she does like to sample the different cat foods on offer in her foster home. As such, she is carrying a little extra weight around the middle so her future carer will need to keep an eye on her snacking tendencies.  

Fia is shy with humans, and while initially quite nervous about being petted when she moved into her new foster home in October, she is more comfortable now with gentle head and chin scratches, as well as the occasional belly tickle. Her current foster family gave her lots of space to settle in as well as regular daily playtime, which has helped her grow more used to being near people, though she does startle easily with sudden noises or movements. Hoovering day is not Fia’s favourite day of the week!

She would thrive in the right forever indoor home with a patient and experienced cat owner – and preferably a household with great wifi for all those high definition bird videos!

If you think Fia would be a good fit for your home please call us today and we will do a home-check via WhatsApp . Please call and leave your details on : 0871483032, a volunteer will phone you back.