Meet Jess & Tyler! (Booked)

Friday, November 19th, 2021

Jess is a stunningly beautiful female cat aged 7 months old. She is very loving and exuberant and loves to give kisses all day long. She wants to be the belle of the ball and doesn’t mind showing it. She loves to play and finds joy in the simplest things. She loves her brother Tyler and playing tag before finding a cosy spot to cuddle and snooze wrapped around each other. If Tyler is out of sight she will seek him out and would love never to be separated from him.

Tyler is a very handsome male cat aged 7 months old. He is very playful and full of the joys of life. He adores being petted and having his tummy tickled. He is a teeny bit in awe of his sister Jess but adores her and is completely bonded with her. He would love to have his own home for Christmas and dreams of being safe and warm with Jess by his side forever.

Both siblings are fully vaccinated, microchipped and neutered now.

In their foster home they have not been exposed to dogs or small children so we are unsure of how they would react to either.

They have the bags packed. Do you think you are the special person or family to make their dream come true?

Please call our message minder 01 2751665 and leave your details, phone number, location and a suggested time that is best to call. Please check your voicemail in case we don’t get an answer.