Meet Jimmy! (Booked)

Thursday, January 27th, 2022

Jimmy is a very handsome male cat aged about two years old. He was found straying alone and hungry in bad weather. Since coming into a Cats Aid and going to a foster home we know that he is an extremely affectionate gentle fellow who loves to sit on your lap and get petted happily all day long.

Jimmy had a problem with his eye when he was found and had to have surgery but it is all better now.  He loves company and gets on well with other cats. He has a great appetite so his new owners might have to watch his waistline a little bit. He loves to play and is a very good soccer player!

We are looking for a home for Jimmy whereby he would eventually have some access to the outdoors after he settles in.

Jimmy is neutered and vaccinated and ready to give lots and lots of love to his new owners.  We feel that he is suitable for a home with other social cats. 

Check out some new videos of me here….

Please call message minder to leave your details: 087 148 3032 & we will get back to you.