Meet Leo! (Brother of Layla) BOOKED

Friday, February 4th, 2022

Leo is a ten month old predominantly black cat who adores humans. He is the brother of Layla. He loves his hugs, kisses and rolls, but especially following his humans around, helping them with household chores and tucking them into bed at night. He gets really happy when his humans wake up in the morning so that he can spend the day with them. Leo also is a very active boy; he always wants to play or find something interesting to do/play/chase/look at. He’s a little bit like a dog, he loves to chase after anything that you throw. Leo loves his sister Layla, he always wants  to play with her (sometimes too much).

Leo was found abandoned with his siblings so he can be nervous/shy around strangers for the first time but once he knows who you are and realise you’ll feed him lots of treats, he is more than happy to be touched, scratched and loved. He shows very few signs of being an abandoned cat, he is very confident to explore and play on his own, and he has dramatically improved in his human interactions. He can be cuddled, scratched, patted, anything that involves showing him love.

His foster family describe him as – Friendly, active, affectionate, very loving, quiet, easy-going and resilient.

Leo loves everything but as he is a rescue, at first he will be a little shy to new people, but he will warm up to anyone very quickly. Leo has only been an indoor cat so far, but we think he would really thrive in an outdoor environment one day.  

Leo has had a full health check, all of his vaccinations, he is neutered and wormed and he likes both wet and dry food.

If you can offer Leo a home on his own or with his sister please make contact with Cats Aid today.

Please call message minder to leave your details: 087 148 3032 & we will get back to you.