Meet Dot & Delilah! (Both booked)

Wednesday, June 8th, 2022

Dot and Delilah have come on in leaps and bounds (quite literally). From two very scared kitties rescued from under a shed to two happy little purrballs. These two gorgeous gals spend their days playing, chasing and wrestling. They keep themselves entertained for hours on end, in between cat naps of course.

Delilah is small but mighty, she’s was the smallest of the litter. She was already purring the day after being rescued and is a very brave and confident little kitty who has no problems making sure she’s heard. She adapts quickly to new people and is used to children over 6 years of age in her foster home.

Dottie is a bit more shy and wary, it takes her a while to come around to new people but once she comes out of her shell, she is a lovely, gentle girl who loves to play. Dottie has also been around children over 6. She has a beautiful thick black coat with a little white dot.

Dot and Delilah have been with their foster mammy for about 6 weeks and are now ready to find their furever home. Ideally these girlies would be homed together in their new family as they are still very young kittens (around 3 months) and love to play together. If they are homed separately they will need a lot of dedicated playtime several times a day in a home where someone will be home with them. They are interested in other cats, they have no experience of dogs. 

They have both had their vaccines and have been regularly dewormed. They will need to be spayed when they are the appropriate age. 

If you feel that you have the right home for this gorgeous duo please get in touch with Cats Aid today.