Meet Maggie Moo!

Sunday, June 26th, 2022

Maggie Moo is a recent addition to the Cats Aid Outreach Programme. She is a gorgeous rescued semi-feral cat and is currently being fostered for the past year by a Cats Aid supporter. If you are interested in adopting Maggie Moo, please get in touch with Cats Aid.

Maggie Moo is about 4.5 years old and is in good health. She is neutered and fully vaccinated. She is shy and takes some time to warm up to new people. She is quiet, she likes to play a bit and be petted gently. She uses the litter box, eats dry cat food and likes to sleep in her pillow near her trusted humans.

We are looking for a cat owner with some experience of owning shy cats as she still needs some adjusting to the domestic lifestyle however she does like to be by herself, indoors near a window or in the backyard sunbathing. We are not sure about how she is with other cats so if you apply to adopt her please bear this in mind.

Overall, Maggie Moo is an extremely low-maintenance chilled out kitty, perfect for someone who wants a pet but has a busy life outside the house, as she doesn’t demand much attention and is mostly content by herself. We could say that her dream is to be taken care of with proper human TLC. She currently lives in Ringsend with her foster mammy and is looking to live her best life with her forever home!