Meet Bessie!

Tuesday, July 5th, 2022

Indoor-only home offers please!

Meow, my name is Bessie. I am approximately 7 years old and have been with my foster mam for a long while. Now I am ready to find my forever home.

I am very curious, some say nosey and social. I love to chase ribbons in particular and play catch. I also really love to have the chats, I’m a very expressive and talkative kitty so I do hope you like a good natter.

I love to spend lots of time with my human, and usually like to stay nearby all the time. I enjoy a good head rub and snuggles, I am not sure yet how I feel about sitting on a lap though but I am exploring it.

Oh, and I also enjoy watching TV, anything with dogs and goats in particular fascinates me!

It will take me time to build trust and settle in but I do promise you lots of love in exchange for your patience. I give excellent head buds, kisses and cuddles.

Bessie will need a quiet, adult only home; she does not get on with other cats.

Bessie’s new family will need to have previous experience with cats. It took Bessie well over 8 months to settle into her foster home. Her new family will need to be really patient with her and not put any social pressure on her. Bessie did not have a great start in life and has unfortunately moved a lot of times. While she is very affectionate from the get go (rubbing against legs, looking for head rubs) even with strangers, she is very conflicted and building up trust will take her a while. She used to bite and hiss which over time decreased and has now ceased with her foster mam but she can still display that behaviour with people she is not familiar with.

Bessie’s vaccinations are up to date and she is neutered.

Please email if you would like to enquire about this cat. Alternatively please ring us on 087 693 5100.