Meet Fudge & Fred!(homed)

Tuesday, August 9th, 2022

Fred and Fudge are twin brothers aged about four months old. They are an adorable pair and they absolutely depend on each other for company.

Fudge (pictured above) is the most confident while Fred (pictured below) copies everything he does. Fudge likes to melt into your arms and go to sleep, he is always purring. While Fred likes to knead a fluffy blanket and pretend he’s a tiny kitty feeding off his mammy. He does an adorable sad meow every time he gets picked up.

This gorgeous pair don’t like being left alone. They both have a very gentle temperament and love lots of attention. They both are very food motivated as well as being curious and playful.

What else is left to say other than the fact that they are both little sweet hearts and will make great pets. They are currently getting their initial vaccines and will be ready by mid August for homing.