Meet Fog & Frank! (Booked)

Tuesday, September 6th, 2022

We are two brothers who were rescued from the wild in early August. Our mum was also rescued, neutered and released back and is being looked after. We are about 12 weeks old. We were very scared when we first came to our foster home. Every time we saw a human we ran back into our kitten carrier but bit by bit we started to become more and more friendly. Now we have completely settled into our foster home and have learned to trust humans. We love to be cuddled and to be petted. We have had our first vaccination at the vets (where we were very calm and well behaved!) and are due to get our second one later in September. We’ve had our first round of worming and will get a flea treatment from the vet at the same time as our 2nd vaccination. There are no other pets in our foster home so we don’t know how we’d get on with other animals. We eat mostly Whiskas Kitten wet food in jelly at the moment but recently have started to eat some Whiskas Kitten dry food as well. We absolutely adore cooked chicken for a little treat and hand feeding us this is how our foster family won our trust initially. We appreciate the careful handling and petting we get from the older children (10 & 12) in our foster home.

Hi I am fog and don’t you love my long whiskers. I am the bravest of the two of us and I was the first one to overcome my fear of humans. I love being snuggled. I have a gentle personality but also love to have fun with toys and to chase my brother around the place. I get very excited when it’s food time and am very impatient to get eating! I often snuggle up with my brother and we are rarely apart. I have just found my voice and it’s very cute to hear me miaow for food when it’s dinner time!

Hi, I am Frank and I’m the smallest of the two of us and unlike my brother am almost all black. I also really enjoy being cuddled and petted and will start to purr once you touch me. Sometimes I like to sleep alone and sometimes I snuggle up with my brother Fog. I don’t eat as quickly as my brother so my foster family feed me separately to give me plenty of time to finish and so that my brother doesn’t come and steal my food!  I love to play chasing with cat toys and with my brother and am very good at leaping up to great heights!  I would be happy to go to a new home by myself. 

If you can offer a home to us either separately or together please get in touch with Cats Aid today, we have our bags all packed and ready to go xxx