Meet Eddie & Elmo!(Booked)

Monday, October 17th, 2022

Aren’t we just fab! Read all about us below………………
My name is Eddie!

So today we have two new male additions that are ready to go – Eddie is a gorgeous tabby and Elmo is a very handsome ginger. 

Eddie is a really gentle laid back little dude. He’s smart and playful and loves to cuddle up on your legs, on a blanket or on the bed. 

Elmo is a little bit more of a nervous kitty and will need a little more time to settle into his new home. He’s very playful and chatty, but he is still a small wee bit nervous of cuddles and pets. When he wants those cuddles, though, he will make himself heard and you better stop what you’re doing, clear your schedule, take a seat and enjoy the love and the endless purrs. 

Both boys are mad about their food (and their people’s food too) and games. They’re very social kitties and love playing and cuddling together. They also get on really well with other cats, but not with dogs. 

Whether adopted together or separately, The ideal home for these guys is a calm  one, preferably an adult only household or with older kids  (10 years and up) or teens, where they’ll receive a lot of love and attention. 

If you’re interested and think you can be their forever family, please get in touch with Cats Aid as their bags are all packed!

My name is Elmo!