Mr Fluff’s Story!

Wednesday, October 12th, 2022

Hi I’m Mr Fluff, a male cat aged about 14. I was found living outside and in very bad shape. I had cuts all over my head, a damaged ear, my fur was thin and patchy and I had a chronic eye condition. I was taken in by a local vet before being taken in by Cat’s Aid back in May 2021.

I did well  with my foster family. Slowly my wounds started to heal and my fur started to improve.  Unfortunately after a few weeks I started to disimprove again and was diagnosed with diabetes.  This meant that my foster family had to put me on a special diet  and insulin injections twice a day and well as taking me to the vet for regular blood tests.

I was always very good for getting my injections somehow, I think I knew that it made me feel better.

After a number of months with my insulin dose increasing I finally stabilized and then I started to improve and needed less and less insulin.

My foster mom now calls me the miracle cat as I not longer need insulin at all!

I am friendly and love hanging out with my foster family. I give everyone a rub on their ankles first thing in the morning. I still have my eye condition and one ear that bothers me. My foster mom cleans my eyes and ears every morning. I pretend I don’t like it but I really do love the attention. Being a long-haired cat I spend a lot of my time grooming myself. Sometimes I can’t reach everywhere so once again my foster mom comes to the rescue.

Please consider me if you are looking to sponsor a cat from Cats Aid.

Lots of love

Mr Fluff