Zoro’s Story!

Thursday, October 6th, 2022

This is the gorgeous Zoro who is approximately 13 years of age. We are not 100% sure of his exact age but he is definitely a senior cat.

Cats Aid got a call about Zoro in September from Dublin City Council, they had found him wandering around a complex alone, he was hungry and confused. He looked like he had been abandoned and seemed to be living rough. We didn’t think twice about agreeing to take him in.

Whenever a newly abandoned cat comes into our care they are immediately accessed by a vet. With Zoro a heart murmur was detected so he was sedated and given a heart scan. The result of this heart scan was not good news. His blood had clotted so he is now on aspirin. The hope is that this will break up the clots and ease the pressure on his heart.

If all goes well over the next six months he will be due another scan where hopefully an improvement will be seen.

He is currently in foster care with some lovely student vets who are taking excellent care of him by monitoring his health. An improvement has already been seen. We have our fingers and toes crossed for Zoro.

Any monies raised through the sponsorship of Zoro will go towards his ongoing medical needs.

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