Meet Kevin! (Booked)

Sunday, November 20th, 2022

This gorgeous little cat is called Kevin. He is almost five months old now and there’s no doubt that he is very cute. Any worries melt away just by looking at his little face.

Kevin quickly got used to his new surroundings at his foster home and really enjoys exploring the house. He loves to play but he is also very gentle, always careful not to hurt anyone by accident.

Kevin is a very affectionate little cat and his purring can be heard down the road! He makes his foster parents laugh every evening when he takes off zooming around the house. He’s a total sweetheart. 

Kevin likes to join her foster mum on the yoga mat and has been showing her some new poses.  

Because he’s young and has never been around small children we feel that he would be best suited for a house with adults only. 

If you would like to adopt Kevin please get in touch today!