Meet Stevie & Cilla!

Monday, November 14th, 2022

Stevie and Cilla ae very friendly and playful kittens. They are exploring the house from day one and are interested in anything their human does. When the doorbell rings, they are the first one at the door to check who is coming. They will greet all your guests, neighbours, kids and delivery crew with no difference. You never know what toys new guests are bringing and will they be willing to play with them.

They are full of energy and enjoy when kids are playing with them and will not scratch during play. Cilla is especially gentle and will chase balls or ask for cuddles. Stevie is a little bit more energetic during play and if you engage in a “fight” with him, he might get a little bit rough, but that is easily controlled. With kids (6+ years old) they have been awesome and chased balls or feather poles without stopping.

Cilla’s favourite exercise is with her ball. She loves when you throw it at the top of the stairs and she then chases it down. If you don’t have time to play with her, she will carry it upstairs and throw and chase it by herself. Smart little lady. Stevie’s main occupation is to explore everything you are doing and stick his nose everywhere he menages. He learned how to open doors by jumping on door handles because he hastes being closed in rooms while you are doing something interesting, he is sure!

They are also trying to make friends with the resident cat who is not too happy with new tenants. Each day they are trying to sleep a bit closer to her and are curiously approaching her, but also taking step back when she signals that they got too close. They will make friends with other, more friendly cats without a problem.

As any other kids, they are growing fast, playing a lot, running around the house, but also listening and learning what they are not supposed to do. Not fussy about eating at all, as they need a lot of energy for runs and toy chasing. They will try to convince you to share some treats with them but are mostly on dry food.

They come fully vaccinated into their new home, litter trained and ready to cuddle and play with their very own human.

Stevie enjoying his box!
Cilla playing with her favourite ball.
Stevie enjoying the heat and the birds!